Redecorating a room has meant balancing one’s desire for style and quality with price. And balancing how it looks with how it’s made. Finally, those with high design standards, who prefer the quality and safety of a product made in America, who have an active household that can wreak havoc on floors, and who care about sustainability, can find everything they need in one practically priced floor. Introducing American Concepts, a collection with inspiring style and uncompromising quality.
America’s Healthier Floor Solution with GREENGUARD certification for indoor air quality (lowest VOC emissions) and no harmful substances such as petroleum, halogen, chloride or dioxin.

R&R Products - Styles
Style Name(click to view) Warranty Thickness
Berkeley Lane  Lifetime 12MM
Dalton Ridge  25 Year 8MM
Liberty  15 Year 7MM
Middlebrooke  35 Year 10MM
Sanderlin Mountain  35 Year 10MM
Stone Harbor  20 Year 8MM
Valley Forge  Lifetime 12MM

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