Virginia Vintage began operations in 2001 with the opening of its flooring plant in Cowansville, Qu├ębec. This plant was expanded in 2004 with the opening of our onsite prefinishing plant. This allowed us to develop our signature EvershineTM finish which was launched in 2006. In 2007 we continued our targeted expansion policy by building our state-of-the-art kilns. These steps have allowed us to minimized transportation costs and insured greater control over the quality of our end product.

R&R Products - Styles
Style Name(click to view) Warranty Thickness
Churchill  50 Year 1/2"
Coastal Art Oak  25 Year 1/2"
Colonial Manor Handscraped  25 Year 3/4"
Historique  50 Year 1/2"
Thorne Hill  50 Year 1/2"
Vintage Solids  25 Year 3/4"
Virginia Vintage  50 Year 1/2"
Virginia Vintage Bastille  50 Year 1/2"

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