A home can see a lot of foot traffic in just one day. Athletes, pets and even a crawling baby pad about. Make sure you’re able to relax with enchanting designs that minimize scuffmarks and stains. Choosing to work with us on new flooring for your home gives you countless options all meant to stand up to your family’s traffic. Whether it is under your bare feet or your favorite pair of tennis shoes, Timeless Designs™ floors are designed for endurance and are of exceptional quality.

Waterproof Flooring

Everlasting II

Manufacturer   Timeless Designs
Style   Everlasting II
Color/Item   Weathered
Width (Inches)   7"
Length   48"
Installation Type   Floating
Warranty   Lifetime Residential / 10 Year Commercial
Coverage   24.29 Sq. Ft. Per Carton


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Trim and Accessories

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T-Molding 4324995 AFM Part # 4324995 -- Length 72 -- Price $ 35.82 Each
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Multi-Purpose Reducer 4362995 AFM Part # 4362995 -- Length 72 -- Price $ 35.82 Each
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Stairnose 4354995 AFM Part # 4354995 -- Length 94 -- Price $ 45.82 Each
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